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British Kitesurfing Association
Course Pricing Kitesurfing Tuition

Get 1 to 1 coaching from Wave Masters Will Bennet & Andy Heald

Kitesurfing Course Pricing

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As a Recognised BKSA (British Kite Surfing Association) school we follow the BKSA teaching scheme. The scheme has 2 levels followed by intermediate coaching sessions. You will receive a level card after your lessons which will have all the information of what you have already achieved in case you continue tuition with a different instructor at a another school, or would like to rent equipment abroad. As a BKSA school our equipment and instructors are inspected annually to ensure a high level of safety and tuition is delivered at all times.

All equipment costs are included in the lesson prices, apart from wetsuits as most people own and prefer their own. We have a small range of suit but cannot guarantee every size. Suits are cheap and easy to hire from the beach if we cannot fit you out ourselves.

1 to 1 - £105, 2hrs or £140, 3hrs

We changed our course structure last year, from full day to half days. The difference was amazing, we found we could achieve so much more over a series of shorter session than you could trying to cram in long exhausting days. It also fits in much better with other family/holiday commitments! As a beginner we recommend a minimum of 3 sessions to get you to become an independent kite surfer, BKSA Level 2. We can offer as few or as many sessions as you want!

2 to 1 - £110pp, 3hrs

Learning with a friend is a great way to learn. Share kit costs and experiences in the early stages and improve quickly by spotting your own mistakes in your partner as you progress. Whether beginner or advanced we will push you as hard or take you as gently as you want.

Payment Policy

Due to the sport being wind dependant we do not take payment until completion of each session. We found this really suits are customers as some have had frustrating times, trying to redeem vouchers from other kitesurfing school s. We hope this gives you the peace of mind that it is our priority to run your session if the conditions are suitable.

Gift Vouchers

We can sell you a voucher, for any course for you to give as a present to friends or family. Vouchers are open, to be booked at the convenience of the receiver and contains our booking number and terms and conditions. Payments for vouchers are taken via cheque or BACS. They can be posted first class immediately after email or phone conformation, but only become valid once payment has cleared.

telephone: 07791937207 email: info@atlanticriders.co.uk
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